Mithymna or Molivos lies at the NE end of Lesvos island, Greece and is third in size after the islands of Crete and Evia. This beautiful, traditional and preserved settlement is 64 Km away from Mitylene, the capital of Lesvos and is an enchanting place.

Taking the last turn of the main road from Mitylene, Molivos appears suddenly in front of you crowned with its magnificent medieval castle and its stone built houses cascading down the slope of the hill towards the picturesque port leaving you breathless with a sensation of pure awe overtaking you at the sight of its immense beauty. 


Exploring Molivos is a thrilling experience which will leave you speechless: cobble stone narrow alleys, traditionally stone built houses, vine arbors and bougainvilleas, thick leafage of wisteria shading the old market street and its little shops with their possessions decorating their entrances, traditional coffee shops with overhanging balconies looking at the Aegean blue while locals drink coffee chatting the beautiful mornings away. 

Climbing up the steps of the hill to reach the Castle you’ll come across neighborhoods with yards full of flowers and houses closely built to each other like a fortress letting the wind slide over them thus protecting and preserving themselves through the passage of time. History is your constant companion in every turn and every corner of this wonderful village as well as the feeling that you suspend between two worlds-the modern one and a long lost one.
The recently renovated Castle crowns the settlement magnificently. The view from up there is breathtaking. The entire village spreads around it in a semicircle. The ceramic color of the roof tiles, and the grey of the stone are harmoniously integrated in the surrounding environment. Surfaces reflect the light and effuse it while every sunset you watch from its walls is a glorious experience of twilight colours. 


Walking down the cobble paved streets towards the harbour your eye gets caught by the stature of neoclassic mansions. These wonderful dwellings, creations of the predominant upper middle class in the beginning of the 19th c. with their pediments and elaborate gyps decorations, are enchanting images of our recent history allowing us a glimpse through the keyhole of time. 

The picturesque port is not only a tourist attraction but also an important factor to the village’s economy since its population partly depends on fishery. Fishing boats and trawlers coexist harmoniously with the cafes, little bars and restaurants under the luminous crown of the Castle. 
The congenial existence of things old and new, the unequalled beauty of the scenery, the magical sense of a dive back in time while in present are those elements making Molivos a unique, enchanting and a must destination for your next holiday.